The ear, nose and throat department is one of the best ENT department in Abu Dhabi. It is run by a group of highly experienced consultants and specialists. The clinics treat the medical problems of the ears, hearing loss, tinnitus, vertigo, removal of wax, infection of the throat, tonsils, adenoid, sinus, control of nasal bleeding, removal of foreign bodies from the ear, nose and throat, salivary glands diseases, head, neck swellings, snoring, breathing difficulties and voice disturbance.

The department carries out all the surgeries of the ears such as myringotomy (incision of drums), tubes insertion, correction of drum perforations, surgery of improving the hearing, mastoid surgeries and pinnaplasty (cosmetic surgeries for ear pinna). The throat and neck surgeries include removal of the adenoid, tonsil, tongue tie, benign lesions of the tongue and throat, salivary glands surgeries for snoring, endoscopic and microscopic surgeries for laryngeal and pharyngeal lesions. The nose surgeries include correction of the deviated septum, turbinates’ enlargement, polyps, endoscopic sinus surgeries and rhinoplasty (Cosmetic nose surgeries), septal perforation, congintal choanal atresia.

The inpatient care is of the highest international standards with luxurious accommodation for the patients and round the clock dedicated and meticulous nursing and medical care.


Dr. Wael Ali Elshahat Attia Eldeeb

Specialist Otorhinolaryngology

Prof. Dr. Abdelhamid El Nashar

Consultant Otorhinolaryngology

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Fathy Gaber

Consultant Otolaryngology